Adjusting Saddle Angle

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Apr 15, 2010
I just got my wife a new saddle for her bike the other day, and it's tilted too far forward for her.

I loosened the hex bolt underneath the seat on the post that keeps the saddle clamped down, and allows for fore/aft adjustment, but I can't angle the seat. Are there seats that can be angled and seats that can't? I've tried tilting the seat, and then tightening down the clamps, but when I tighten the clamp, it just pulls the seat back into the same position. :confused:
There is probably another bolt at the FRONT of the cradle which is not making itself readily apparent to you ...

If you can't see/find it, then post a picture of the seatpost (without the saddle in place).
Okay, I got it straightened out. There is only 1 bolt, but there are threads on the clamp, and I just had to move the post back and forth a little bit. I didn't have the post loosened enough from the clamp to make this adjustable.

Thanks for the help! ;)