Adventurers Wanted to Bike From D.C. to Pittsburgh

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  1. Emily Hench or Mike Sobkowiak The Western Pennsylvania Field Institute 304 Forbes Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    412.255.0564 [email protected] or [email protected]

    National Bike Tour Comes to Pittsburgh: Riders Wanted Adventurers Wanted to Bike From D.C. to
    Pittsburgh to Spread NBG¹s Mission

    (Pittsburgh, PA) Thursday, March 4, 2004 ­ From coast to coast, bicyclists are taking the annual
    National Bicycle Greenway (NBG) challenge! The NBG is an organization attempting to create a
    nationwide network of interconnected bike roads and pathways and increase awareness of the bicycle
    as a valid and desirable mode of transportation. The NBG¹s 2004 ³Mayors¹ Ride² is a relay bicycle
    trip offering many choices for the participating adventurers. Riders can follow the whole relay
    route or pedal in any one of the different legs of the relay.

    Here in Pittsburgh, The Western Pennsylvania Field Institute (WPFI), a nonprofit organization that
    encourages outdoor activities, is partnering with Mayor Tom Murphy and his Office to coordinate the
    Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh leg of the 2004 Mayors¹ Ride. WPFI is looking for adventurous people
    to join the ride and help promote and expand NBG¹s belief that with a unifying vision of our own, we
    can show Americans that our lives can be built around a transportation infrastructure that INCLUDES
    bicycles. Riders will leave D.C. on July 2nd and arrive in Pittsburgh on the 9th. The ride is
    unsupported, meaning you must provide all your own gear and your own bike. Riders are also
    responsible for food and lodging costs, but joining the trip is completely free.

    When the Mayors¹ Tour pedaled into Pittsburgh last summer, many supporters, together with
    representatives from the Mayor¹s Office, came out to welcome them to the city. Michael Sobkowiak,
    Director of Communications at WPFI, hosted the group on their visit to the Pittsburgh. He says of
    the experience, ³It was so nice to see the riders arriving in Pittsburgh after finishing such a
    great feat and spreading NBG¹s message. All in all, the looks of pure triumph and exhilaration on
    each of their faces revealed it was a great experience for all of them.²

    To join in on the biking action, there are a few basics each rider should know. First, everyone
    participating should be in excellent health and ready for a ride that will be challenging and
    strenuous at some times, undemanding and tranquil at others, but always insistent of commitment,
    hard work and dedication. Riders also should have some bicycle touring experience. While you must
    provide your own gear and bike, NBG will be happy to help you choose what gear to bring. The riding
    route will take bikers along the C & O Trail, which later connects to the beautiful Great Allegheny
    Passage Trail. Both these paths will allow riders to view beautiful scenery and will reinforce NBG¹s
    mission to enable bikers to journey from one major city to another while enjoying nature and
    traveling safely.

    Tom Murphy and his office, along with WPFI hope that many bikers will partner with us and NBG to
    spread their message and expand awareness of their cause. The basic information about the race is as
    follows: … The Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh leg of the relay will begin in D.C. on July 2nd and end
    in Pittsburgh on July 9th. … Bikers will be responsible for food and lodging costs. … The ride is an
    un-supported event, meaning you must provide your own gear and bike. … Participation in the Mayors¹
    Ride is completely free.

    Riders interested in the D.C. to Pittsburgh leg of the tour, or any other leg, can call Michael
    Sobkowiak at 412.255.0564. More information about NBG and the Mayors¹ Ride can also be found on the
    NBG website,

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