Advice needed for front setup

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  1. Hi
    I am building a bike using Soma Double Cross frame.

    I am going to use the bike in two setups:
    50-36-xx, or 50-34-xx front with 12-23 rear for road use.
    (xx = not going to use the smallest chainring)
    46-34-24 front with 12-27 rear for touring use

    In both cases i need a low q-factor.

    I have the Shimano Deore LX (FD581) front derailer with the 50.0 mm and
    48t max chainwheel capacity and Shimano XT medium cage for derailer.
    I have low Shimano 105 STI brifters.

    I want to use a 170 mm crank with 5 arm, 110/74 Bolt circle diameter.

    That said i have the following questions:
    - How easy is it to switch between both the above mentioned setup and
    is it possible at all by using the same front derailer only
    reseting/adjusting it and swithcing the chainring?

    - Is the Front derailer Deore LX right for this purpose. I am worried
    about the chainline as on road use i am going to use the outer/middle
    chainrings and for touring middle/inner chainrings. I read that Shimano
    road (105) STI dont work great with 'mountain' crank and derailers
    setup. Should i go for the 105 tripple derailer? Any advice with
    respect to the above setup?

    thanx in advance
    nilay kothari