Advice needed


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Nov 11, 2002
Hi,<br /><br />I would like some advice on a bike. It's a Modial RT7000. Is this a good bike or not. I can't seem to get any info on this bike. Does anyone know of a website that will give me more info on this type of bike.<br /><br />Thanks
Never heard of it. Did a search on the web, which produced nothing.<br />Do you have specs on the bike?
I might sound like a dumb ass but you must understand that I'm a complete newbie in this fielt. What specs do you need. All I now is that The bike has Shimano gears.<br /><br />
There are diferent versions of shimano gears which vary greatly in quality/weight/performance and what you choose should be based on how much you will ride your bike.
Have a close look at the rear deraileur or jockey (the system at the back that moves the chain onto the different gears) for any markings regarding the model etc?<br />Where on the bike are the levers to change gears with? Are they on the tube or on the handlebars? Count how many gears there are at the back. Count the number of teeth on the smallest gear, and also on the largest. Give us info such as that. We'll take it from there.
I don't have the bike with me but I will phone the guy to find out the relevant info. If my memory serves me right, there were 9 gears at the back. Did not count the teeth. The levers are on the handle bars right underneath the brakes. I think it's something like Shimano RX100/ RX.<br /><br />I spoke to one of my friends who knows guiet a lot about different bikes and he also said that he have'nt heard from this type of bike before.<br /><br />It's strange that there's now such bike to be found on the net.<br /><br />Thanks<br />
RX100 are quite oldish components, probably 8 speed or less.<br />I'd look very carefully before buying.
I believe everyone needs to focus on the most important component...the frame!<br /><br />the drive train, wheels, etc, can be replaced/upgraded, but all the dura-ace or record in the world won't help a cheap-ass frame.<br /><br />at the same time, no one should be investing in an 8 speed if they think they might want to do more than ride in the park with the kids.<br /><br />remember, the frame is the central piece of any significant bike purchase.
oh, almost forgot...I've never heard of a Modial, but then again I've never heard of several of the bike brands I've read about in these forums.