Advice on a decent simple road/trail bike


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Feb 28, 2010
What do you guys think of these bikes from MARIN?

* Lucas valley
* terra linda wfg
* fairfax
* belvedere

I only list those bcos the bike store near me carries them and the guy recommended those based on what I told him.

I am just an avid biker looking for a decent bike for the coming spring/summer. I plan to do some road riding and the occasional trail biking. I don't want to spend too much.

Suggestions on other beginner brands welcomed
syndicate1 said:
Suggestions on other beginner brands welcomed
I'm more familiar with the Trek FX and Specialized Sirrus lines, and I've seen the Giant and Felt versions of this style of bike. Marin has always made fine bikes, though, and these look dandy, so don't wander too far afield looking for alternatives. You'll do just fine with one of these.