Advice on Gipiemme or other 700c campy wheels?


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Oct 28, 2022
I've got an older Giant bike running Campy Veloce 10sp on Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels with 25mm tires. They're showing their age and I am looking to replace them.

Obviously, since I don't race but rather go on long solo rides, I am looking for something that endures and doesn't break the bank. Given the Campagnolo groupset, my options are rather limited.

What I've came across so far is:

Gipiemme Equipe 716 Tubeless Road Wheel Set - can't find out much about them, apart that they haven't been upgraded since 2015. I like the 40mm rim height and the price fits my range.

Campagnolo Zonda C17 - reputable wheels, but very low rim height and slightly on the higher end of my budget.

Miche Altur - really nice looking wheels, within budget, a review from praised them back in 2015. I have heard bad stories about Miche reliability.

Can you guys help a fella out? Which one should I choose and are there other wheels I missed?
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