Advice on Kids Vintage Bianchi - Shipping from UK

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by [email protected], Mar 30, 2006.

  1. I have three things on which I would appreciate advice. Thanks in

    First, I just bought the following kids Bianchi road bike on eBay for
    my 6 year old. It reminds me of the Fuji Junior I had as a kid, except
    this is even cooler. I live in Washington State, USA and it needs to be
    shipped from London. Anyone recommend the best shipping method? Price
    and reliability are key. Timing is not, as my son has a bike he is
    already using, and may even have to grow into this one.

    Second. I paid $200 (120 pounds) for it. I am pretty certain it's worth
    it to me. With some trepediation, I ask the group: setting aside my own
    subjectivity, how would you value this?

    Third: the crank is cottered, and it probably serves just fine. Will I
    have any problem putting a modern BB on it and installing a regular
    short road crank if I want to go that route? Anyone who has experience
    with a bike like this: any other indiosyncracies (other than it being
    35 years old and needing a good cleaning and adjusting) I should be
    aware of?


    eBay listing 7229360821