Advice on local clubs / bike shops.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Freewheeling, May 4, 2006.

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    I've just moved up to Princeton, NJ from the Washington, DC area and was

    1. Are there any others on the list who live around here; and
    2. Where are some good bike shops in the vicinity of Princeton?


  2. Good to know you're still riding, Scott.

    Kind regards.


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    [email protected] wrote:
    > Good to know you're still riding, Scott.
    > Kind regards.
    > Lewis.
    > *******


    Actually not so much. I don't think I rode more than once or twice all
    last year, but plan to do more this year. Right now I don't have any
    brake levers, so have to correct that. I also lost my bike lock.

    Anyone know a good bike lock to get? Key or combination? Something
    light and/or small, and preferably inexpensive although I'm willing to
    spend for quality. I'll eventually want to replace the handlebars and
    seat. I have a RANS high back seat, but one side is broken so I just
    stuck a dowel in there with some J&B Weld. Maybe replace with the
    Bachetta seat? Also, I have the Bachetta riser already, but never
    installed the Bachetta handlebars. Maybe I'll get those too.

    Everything to make me more nimble. I think my balance is probably shot,
    so will need to get back up to speed.