advice on purchasing a new entry level roadie?


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Mar 10, 2004
quickbuck said:
May not be more than 1 to 2w, but there is the extra weight.
I agree the figures are small, but over time it all adds up.

Myself, I'm convinced. No need for a triple chain ring.
The only reason a hill will beat me is because I am not fit enough.
I think that linear acceleration of the slightly greater weight of a triple is a greater concern than rotational acceleration, but not a big one. I think that simplicity, and better chain lines for your two main chainrings, are the better arguments for a double.


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Sep 8, 2006
quickbuck said:
At the time my work mate also said "Stay away from triple chain rings!"
Reason: It is a heap of weight and rotational inertia to spin round for hour after hour to use a couple of times (if that) on a ride.
Truth is, you will save energy on a two ring chain wheel, and then use this energy to push a higher gear.

OK I've got to call bull on this one and what a whopper it is.

I just happen to have a tripple inner chainring lying around at the moment and the chainring along with the 5 securing bolts weigh 47 grams.

"Heap of weight", "Rotational inertia"!!!

Pull the other one will ya! Its got bells on it!!!

I've ridden with exactly the same set of cranks setup as a double or tripple and I couldn't notice one iota of difference. I probably don't use the granny chainring even once a month but when that one big hill comes I'd rather have the tripple and overtake all those macho's who wouldn't be seen dead with one.

Regards, Anthony


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Jan 11, 2006
peterlip said:
Not a triple, but a compact, so is almost as good range wise.

If you're in Melbourne, have a look at my favourite shop (other than buying from them, I have no interest in them).
They have Felt F80 (triple) for $1300:

Scott Speedster S30 (either compact or triple) for $1600:

I've got a 2005 Felt F70 and love it. It's a triple and because I live near hills, I use the granny gear a lot.

You can get a Felt F75 for less than 2K