advice would on sprinting would be appreciated!


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Jan 5, 2003
I'm an 18 year old male and havent touched a bike for roughly a year for certain reasons. I was training ragularly and racing regularly and at 16/17 I was completing 10 mile tt's in 22 mins and 25 mile tt's in well under the hour. I was also the junior club champion. As i said i havent touched abike for a year and I am thinking of getting back into the sport, but not on the road, I fancy trying something new - TRACK. I know that I can sprint very well and with the right training I could do well at quite a high level, the only thing is i don't know thw first thing about training for track sprinting. I have been to the velodrome in manchester a few times and i was putting out 13/1400 watts on a cateye cyclosimulator turbo trainer when i was 17. any advice would be very much appreciated. thanx :)
Why dont you speak to BC Coaching and Education or Andrea the Track Development Officer next time you are at the velodrome? They will help you loads. Andrea also organises regular track sprinting training sessions.
Like i said, I havent been on a bike for a year, so I have lost a lot of fitness and I didnt go down to the velodrom very much as it is a 2.5hr car journey away. I know that I would have to do the usual base work through the winter but for speed training I'm not sure of the right things to do? also are all sprinters massive with muscles comin out of everywhere? I'm not built anything like that, I'm 5'9" and weigh approx 10.5 st (65kg) so would i benefit from weight training? basic weight or explosive weight training? this is just an idea i am having at the moment, but the more advice I get, then the more I will be able to decide on what i am really wanting to do. Also, how long would it take to regain the majority of fitness that I used to have as the time I have has reduced. thanks :)