Advising wife for tri


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Mar 22, 2009
I'm helping my wife pick a bike for olympic distance triathlons. She has decided on a road bike, not a tri bike, has done a fit, and is deciding between Cervelo, Canondale Synapse carbon disc, and Pinarello Gan 105. My advise to her has been that the difference in cost between ultegra and 105 and between disc and rim brakes is better spent on a power meter, since there is a budget cap. So, that means looking at Cervelo R2, The Synapse Carbon 105 (rim), and the Pinarello Gan 105.

She's working with a coach. She races for fun, usually placing in the lower half to lower quarter of her age group. She's racing now, but she used to ride centuries, so I could imagine the bike going that route in addition or instead of the tri racing.

I'm wondering if others agree that a power meter is going to do more for her than an ultegra upgrade and disc brakes? I'm also not terribly fussed over the RS100 wheels on the R2. Get the power meter, pay the coach, build the engine, wear out the wheels. Go from there.

Thoughts on the strategy or between those bikes?