Aero Bars are loose. Ideas on how to tighten?


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May 30, 2010
Greetings All,

I have recently installed a set of clip on / screw on aero bars. They mount to the handlebar and then there are two screws which tighten the two clamps. My issue is that my handlebar diameter is just a tad too small for a snug fit. So, being the macgyver that I am I tried a few wraps of electrical tape to beef up the handlebar diameter. It worked. But not perfectly. The aero bars now tilt up and down depending on which way I put pressure on them. E.G. they are not totally secure. Any ideas for other kinds of shims to use in this scenario?


Electrical tape is far too soft to use for shims for anything more than maybe cyclocomputers or similar accessories.
Minor differences in bar/clamp diameter can be dealt with by adding aluminium shims cut from soda cans. One layer is perfectly fine, more layers gets more questionable.
Far be it from me to tell MacGyver how to install aero bars, but make sure that both screws on the saddle clamp are being tightened evenly so that the clamp stays perfectly level on both sides. This will give you the best chance for a secure fit. If you get the clamp unlevel then it may feel like it's as tight as it's going to get, but you won't get the proper grip on the bars (kinda sounds like what you're describing).

Also note that there are 2 standard handlebar sizes, and many aerobars will come with shims to use when installing on the smaller size. Using bubblegum and paperclips to install aerobars is a risky proposition, so I'd suggest looking into the approved shims for your bars. ;)

Great feedback. Thanks. I knew once I felt the bars with the electrical tape that they were too loose/squishy. Greg Lemond reigns supreme here. The coke can shims worked like a charm. The bars are now extremely solid. They can take all my weight and don't move a millimeter.

Cheers (to coca cola)!