Aero difference between 46mm and 58mm Reynolds


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Oct 12, 2010

I was wondering how big the difference is between the AERO 46 and AERO 58? I ride in Denmark where the races are often decided in the cross winds.
My biggest force as a cyclist is to sprint, so i'd like to go with the 46 tubular model (58 doesn't come in a tubular model) if the aero difference is not that big to save the extra 500-60 grams.

The aero difference is exactly 12. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

If stiff crosswinds are a factor, the 46 mm profile will be easier to handle. I'm sure the 58's will have less drag (Reynolds could provide drag data in head-on and side wind conditions) and the 58 clinchers will add some grams of mass (I wouldn't worry too much about the 80 gram weight difference so much as total package difference).

If I were riding in the group for most of the race and dealing with windy conditions during the race, the lower profiles would be my choice.

The 46's should get you to the line in good enough shape to unleash your sprint, I would think. They are advertised as the most 'all 'round' use wheel in the line and I would agree with that description.