Aero Handle Bars Tips and Opinions


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Dec 21, 2010
I've been searching for the best clip on aero handle bars to get for my bike but there's such a huge selection out there it is hard to make a choice. I've narrowed it down it down to a few things I definitely want the bars to have- carbon and the "s bend". Just some info on me in case it makes any difference, I'm 5'9", ride mostly for distance, and I have a m/l 2010 Giant Defy 2. Any help and opinions would be great!

Here is an example of what I thinking about getting...
Aero/TT bars are a personal thing, your best bet is to go to a good local bike shop and try a few on your bike to see what feels right. You will be leant over alot further and you may find the position uncomfortable. In general if your bike is a road bike and not a TT/Triathlon bike you may be better off with shorter extensions as your bikes geometry may work against you a little. Once again even that is a personal preferance thing. Another thing to consider is if you go on any planned group rides sometimes they will not let you ride in the group if you have these extensions on.

Hope that helps.
Like the other poster said, they can be uncomfortable. They definitely tend to stretch you out, and make you have to bend your neck back more. On top of that, make sure your upper body is fit and strong and that you use them on a little-traveled road. You'll be all over the place the first time you use them until the right muscles strengthen up. There's a reason the pros pretty much only use them for time trials--that's probably all the longer they can stand them, and those guys can really suffer through some pain.

I've been through shopping for aero bars. Besides weight, you really can't go wrong with any pair of decent aero bars. The main thing is that how it fits you and how you can adjust it to get the best position.