Aero rims with offset spoke holes?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by garage sale GT, May 11, 2009.

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    I want some strong wheels for a road bike. Are there any other high spoke count, offset 700c road rims besides the aerohead o/c? Its angle seems a bit steep, tempting me to call it the "not very aero head o/c". ;)

    How much deep v is enough? and would a high spoke count ruin the effect?

    I tried some wh-r550s and don't want to go back to a non-aero rim but would like something with more than a 16/20 spoke.

    The only other offset rim I know of is the Surly Large Marge but obviously those come from a different galaxy.

    It takes me a couple years before I start fatiguing spokes but my experience so far is limited to 36. I am a bit heavier than some of you and sometimes ride on irregular pavement, so I am not trying to suggest that I create mind boggling torque.

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    I don't know that offset rims offer all the benefit that some suggest. Some offset rims have had mechanical issues. Offset rims from Alex......Crostini R3.2 rims I think.....were cracking badly around spoke holes. I know because I had one.

    The Velocity Deep V is a good height, 30mm, and Velocity has fairly good rep, although some builders--I know of two or three right off the top of my head--won't build with them because of what they say is an inconsistent state right off the assembly line. Velocity also makes a 43mm rim, B43, but I think it's for fixies and track bikes as it doesn't have a brake track (I think).

    DT Swiss has the RR1.2 at 30.3 mm deep, but it is porky--if that bothers you--at 585g. They also have the R520 which is 29.5mm deep and 520g. Neither are offset.

    Kinlin is getting raves for their rims. The XR-300 is 30mm deep, and priced very nicely. I've yet to hear any bad things on Kinlin, and their products have been out for at least a couple of years, now. Their rims aren't offset.

    A few others are making 40+ mm rims--Gipiemme (expensive and fairly hard to get in the US) makes the 716 rim which is the rim that was in the original Campy Shamals. They also make a 1.55 which is 30.3. H+Son makes an alloy 42mm rim which is playing well with users on Weight Weenies...even though it is definitely not weight weenieish.

    There might be others. As for lateral stiffness, deeper alloy rims will be a bit stiffer laterally, everything else being equal. This means you can use fewer spokes and get better aerodynamics.
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    Deep V, Velocity Fusion, DT 1.2, Mavic CXP-33 would all be good choices. Offset rims generally also tend to be lighter, as in the Aerohead,pretty light rim.