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Aug 17, 2005
How much improvement does skintight cycle clothing have on average speed? Assume your on a flat road with light head wind. Do you feel like you go faster with aerodynamic clothes when compared to normal clothes.
Uhh.. yes, absolutely. Minor flapping of clothing slows you down considerably.
My advice. Save yourself $3500 on zipps and get your mum to make your club jersey's a tighter fit :p ;) :D . Thats what I did with my jersey and it now fits perfectly...not close to a skinsuit because the fabric is different but there isn't any "flapping" anymore just a few creases.
dm69 said:
there isn't any "flapping" anymore just a few creases.

My formerly loose jerseys aren't flapping anymore either, but I wouldn't recommend getting them tight using the method I used :eek: (hopefully they'll be loose again by the end of the season)

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