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    What does Darwinism (Charles's by now basically 'largely deemed almost divine' theoretical thinking)
    and Edserianism (our own John Edser's the-more-deeply-looked-into-the-more-dubious denouncements of
    DNA-centered scholarly pursuits, and some professors' perhaps somewhat narrow views or philosophical
    outlooks or opinions (intellectual views and opinions implicitly of/on our own and fellow organisms'
    origin in the necessarily slightly uneven interplay within the Evolutionary Pressure Totality) have
    in common?

    Answer: Both are based on kinds of thinking that: works, were arrived at, and are generated by
    "brain functionalities" that evolved, in a manner explained by AEVASIVE (and just a few auxilliary
    other concEPTS).

    >From an attemptedly all-encompassing and all-out anthropocentric
    philosophical position of omniscientific overview, I advocate a Tolerance Principled accEPTance of
    'soberly smeared-out' - whilst as rational as realistically possible - unifying understanding of how
    and why we are how we are as part of "What Is going on".

    The "smearing-out" may quite happily be made to look silly on the surface; even more happily so IF -
    as a strategy - this would serve an EPT pedagogical purpose.

    Such a (hence in this respect decEPTive) silliness might (or can, as far as I am concerned) serve
    its purpose in a slightly similar way to a how a homeopathic remedy is concocted and a sugar-coating
    on a foul-tasting pharmaceutical pill covers-up.

    In fact this my idea (or *rationale* - raked up after I eventually got stuck with this metaphorical
    method and thinking-technique) to use concEPTual tools that on their surface are putried and/or
    funny looking, might work by inducing very specific states of (intellect-affecting) selective
    Habituation against (in response to) an all too distinctly real 'ditto' aspect of Reality - an
    aspect that could otherwise not as easily (or with as little difficulty) be perceptually picked up
    and cognitively grasped (as firmly).