African cyclists in pro-races!

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  1. African cyclists in pro-races!

    The Marco Polo Cycling Club, has a new internet site with interactive options. Become a member
    yourself from the most international cycling club, this is for free and can be done online. As a
    member you can update your profile with your latest news and results. You can also participate in
    the forum and discuss international cycling, this is possible in general chat. Here you can meet
    other members from more then 50 different countries.

    The race team of the Marco Polo Cycling Club has become a 3rd division pro-team this year. The team
    is registered in Hong Kong and races with it's international line-up all over the world. This year
    the team already won races in Germany, France, USA, China, Canada and Korea!

    Habte Weldsimon and Ephrem Tewelde are the new riders in the Marco Polo Cycling Team. They are from
    Eritrea (Africa) and were the numbers one and two in the Giro di Eritrea 2003. Eritrea is probably
    the only country in the world, where cycling is the number one sport!!

    The Marco Polo Cycling Club is happy to be able to help these top-talents from Africa, as the
    mission of the club is to help riders from non-traditional cycling countries. The Dutch Interchurch
    Aid organisation ICCO has made it possible for Habte and Ephrem to come over. ICCO wants to support
    the Eritrean Cycling Federation this way to get it's own international contacts. It is very uncommon
    in Europe to see black bike riders from Africa, especially in high level races. Habte and Ephrem get
    the chance to show in a traditional European sports like cycling, that Africans can also win races
    and work hard to succeed in their goals.

    Habte and Ephrem adjusted fast to European racing style and race well in the pro-races now, with for
    example Jan Ullrich, Erik Zabel or Alessandro Petacchi at the start.

    More news and photos you can find at the internet site at NEWS.

    Hope to see you soon at the new site:

    Best regards,

    Remko Kramer

    Secretary Marco Polo Cycling Club


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