After a cheap 2nd hand commuter/trainer/tourer

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Burton Figg, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. Burton Figg

    Burton Figg Guest

    From July 1994 - Nov 2002 I cycled many thousands of miles on a lovely red Raleigh Criterium bike.

    The bottom bracket then seized up, when I took it to the bike shop, they said the chainset was stuck
    solid and could not be removed without resorting to extreme measures. At the same time I also needed
    a new headset, chainset and rear wheel. Since the bike was getting on a bit, bikeshopman said it
    wasn't cost effective to fix all that lot, since the bike wasn't worth much.

    Alas I listened to him! With hindsight I would've sawn through the bottom-bracket axel with a
    nail-file if it meant I could've kept the bike, but instead I stripped it and scrapped the frame.

    I then bought another bike, which turned out to be too small. I then was given my Grandad's
    lovely old Viscount bike, many years old, good condition etc. So I stripped that and put all the
    stuff on it from my Raleigh. Bargain! Then the bottom bracket went, and bikeshopman tells me that
    he can't put a conventional b-bracket on it since the frame had no threads on it to screw in a
    b-bracket. He then put a b-bracket in that screwed into itself. I went with that. It then came
    loose. He then glued it in with Loc-tite or something. Later I was pegging it down the street,
    and the b-bracket cracked. He then replaced it. A few hundred miles later and it cracked again!
    So out goes the Viscount!

    So is there any point to my essay?

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. Would anyone like to buy an old Viscount frame, cream coloured, approx 58
    cms. photo can be supplied?
    2. I'm now after a cheap training/commuting bike wanted - approx 23inch frame - prefer something
    with mudguards fitted, rack/decent lights an advantage. Cosmetics unimportant and some light work
    not objected to. I live in Cheshire.

  2. Tony W

    Tony W Guest

    "Burton Figg" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...
    > From July 1994 - Nov 2002 I cycled many thousands of miles on a lovely red Raleigh Criterium bike.

    <snipped tale of wow re lovely old bikes>

    Have you considered taking the frame to a frame builder or even to a good quality engineering
    workshop. A technician at work (long ago) fixed a bottom with some magic on an ancient frame. He was
    good at his job though.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Not immediately helpful, but I'm after a pair of forks for a 23"ish frame. Have you got that raleigh
    one hanging around still?

    cheers, clive
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