Age Erinie Clements Falcon Simplex Competition derailleurp


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Sep 16, 2003
I recently purchased an older Falcon Bicycle with
decals and stem-tube plate stating "designed by Ernie
Clements." I spent a good deal of time researching
the bike on the Internet, but have found no useful
dating information.

One unique feature of the bike is its Simplex front
derailleur. This derailleur mounts directly to the
seat-tube and uses no cable. It's either a "Simplex
Competition" or very similar model. Some web-sites
made reference to this as a "suicide" derailleur, as
it takes focus from the road to operate.

The serial number of the bike is X 25118. Can you
provide a manufacture date or any other useful
information regarding this lovely old racer.

I would appreciate any assistance you could provid