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  1. Aggressive cholesterol-lowering good for heart

    The Tribune Wednesday, March 10, 2004

    New Orleans - How low should cholesterol go? For victims of
    recent heart attacks, the answer appears to be rock bottom.

    A major study has found that especially aggressive
    treatment with statin drugs, intended to drive cholesterol
    far below current standards, prevents new heart problems
    and saves lives.

    These drugs are already a cornerstone of cardiac care,
    routinely prescribed for heart attack victims.

    However, the new results suggest that doctors should opt for
    high doses of the most powerful brands to give recently
    discharged heart patients the best chance of survival.
    ''It's a lifesaving strategy and will become a huge paradigm
    shift in the treatment of patients with high cholesterol,''
    predicted Dr Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic.

    For several years, federal guidelines have recommended
    bringing down heart attack patients' levels of LDL, the bad
    cholesterol, below 100.

    To test whether this is far enough, doctors compared two
    strategies, moderate doses of an older statin versus high
    doses of a more powerful newer one.

    The older drug, Pravachol, dropped patients' LDL by almost
    one-quarter to 95. But the newer one, Lipitor, cut it in
    half to just 62. -- AP

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