Aids/Lifecycle 5-a beautiful tour of California

Madd Dogg

New Member
Nov 26, 2005
If you live in California and haven't done this ride , you are missing out on an extrodinary experience. The communities are very supportive of the cause and its the safest way to cycle through California. The routes go through the wine country and along the coast. Seven days of fully supported cycling, good food great routes, great people. Some are cyclists some are bike riders all are cool. I've just done it for the first time and can't wait until next year.

I was astonished by the lack of African American riders. Maybe I didn't see them because the were all behind me. I hope to recruit more of my brothers and sisters next year. Spread the word, see ya there.
Congrats on the first ALC. I did it last year and it was great fun. I was bummed I couldn't do it this year, but will be doing it again next year. Lot's of very interesting people, to say the least, straight and gay. It's also a great training goal, to keep you pushing hard for months. You mention African Americans - you surely must have met Tony (skinny, rides a Soulcraft, seems to know EVERYBODY). He's been a regular on the ride for years and is definitely a character.
It's a moving city! Incredible stuff. The ride could not be done without the incredible support of the hundreds of volunteer roadies. Each day the entire group moves south (hauling riders' bags on a fleet of trucks), to a college, a fairground, etc. The roadies set up huge tents for eating, massage, medical, chiro and sports medicine, information, store, shower trucks, etc. All the meals are prepared. We camp on the fields. A grid is set out and a tent city emerges.
Of couse I met Toni. He said it was good to see more black people and he could now retire. I told him that just because I joined doesn't mean he can leave. Most people on the planet with aids are black, I'd like to see an active collective of the people the disease is attacking hitting back. Most of all, it's fun. And don't even worry about sleeping, if you don't sleep, you didn't ride hard enough.