Airfree Feedback About 650c Tires

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Gerald Muffolet

I received this message from "Mr. Airless Tires, Hugh Waters" <[email protected]> on 01/21/2003
09:42 PM. I wanted to know when the 650c Airless tires would be ready so that I could plan my
purchase of new tires.

My Message:
> I called yesterday to find out about using Airfree tires for my Barcchetta Aero that uses Velocity
> SPARTACUS 650c. The exact specifications are at The front and back
> tire use Vredestein Fortezza, 571x23c, 145 psi. About three weeks ago I could have used Airfree
> tires to save a 3 mile walk and a 20 miles car ride. If a preacher had not been on his way back
> from a prison on his way back to Baton Rouge, I would have had to walk 5 more miles and then call
> my wife to come and
> me. She would have had to drive 50 miles and would have not been happy. Last time I called about
> the 406 tires, you did not want to give an
> on how long it would be before they were out. But, now that the 16 inch, and 406 tires are out,
> you may have a better idea of how long it will take to get the 650c tires. Just need a time frame
> so that I can plan. I will need 2 new tires in July or August before starting my 6 centuries.

Hugh's Response: It would be an honor to fit your good looking bike with a set of Training Order
650c tire but it may not happen until the end of the summer. Things just take longer to get done
than you ever think. The new tires will fit your rims. I'll let you know when ready.

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