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    ((it is better than nothing))


    This is the bike cafe and we like the Dutch. Do you know Dutch Boy Paints?

    • If Uncle Paul lived in the Netherlands there would be a lot of butt-Hurt Dutchboys running around.

      abergethirty 6 days ago
    • Oh, Uncle Paul...

      Atomikenrtia 1 month ago
    • i love how he says paint can

      6Adrian7 6 months ago
    • "with his little HAT"

      ChrisJ926 6 months ago
    • tussle his hair lol

      zacklyzun 10 months ago 2 [​IMG]
    • Im not sayin nothin yet!

      Jguthro 10 months ago
    • I haven't heard Uncle Paul this riled up since he told that lady to SHUT UP!!

      BishopAP 10 months ago 2 [​IMG]
    • Hiiiiiii! Uncle Paul has many voices, this one is Happy Uncle Paul.

      LAPunk1986 10 months ago 2 [​IMG]
    • Uncle Paul wants the Dutch Boy to spill the paint, ehe ehe ehe ehe

      MoPapparani 11 months ago
    • ________________
    PS, the original Dutch Boy paint was made of pure white lead, National Lead Company.

    Millions of pounds of pure white lead in linseed oil remain on buildings around the world. It is deadly,
    more deadly than spam postings from The Netherlands. Do not rub old paint and then lick your fingers,
    do not sand old paint without precautions, or you get lead poisoning, like the old time painters.
    The process of making lead carbonate was perfected by the Dutch, centuries ago. It was their gift to the world,
    and so was the pendulum clock. And this, too:
    Miljoenen ponden zuiver wit lood in lijnzaadolie blijven op gebouwen rond de wereld.
    Het is dodelijk, meer doods dan spam postend van Nederland. Wrijf geen oude verf
    en lik dan uw vingers, schuren geen oude verf zonder voorzorgsmaatregelen, of u krijgt
    loodvergiftiging, zoals de oude tijdschilders. Het proces om loodcarbonaat te maken
    werd geperfectioneerd door de Nederlanders, eeuwen geleden.
    Het was hun gift aan de wereld, en zo was de slingerklok. En dit, ook:

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