Alberante Classic


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Oct 31, 2001
Anyone do this ?<br /><br />I did the 55 km route yesterday. It was pretty tough going with the wind but I managed to do a 1h47m wich put me in 69th place. <br /><br />The route is practicaly my home ground so I had an advantage of knowing where the tough area would be. I made up a good 50 or so places on the first climb and the pulled a small bunch for a few kays after that whilst I was trying to catch the lead bunch.<br /><br />All in all I enjoyed it. It was the first time this race was run and you could see the organisers were inexperienced. But the venue and route is a good one and I can see this race growing.
We did the 125 km's.....phew.....for those who don't know the area: there are no serious climbs but the whole route just seems to roll up and down endlessly. The wind was a serious factor and really sapped the legs in the final 20 to 25 kays.<br /><br />The start was a shambles, but then everything improved in chunks...excellent flags showing lefts, rights, watering points, banana points etc. Marshalling was also very good and the road was closed for the final 500m or down to the finish. <br /><br />The medal is &quot;oooookay&quot;, not the greatest, but the colldrink at the end was absolute shite......real kiddies water, sugar and colourant.<br /><br />Once again, Championchip must be commended for having the results available this morning on the web.<br /><br />I'll be back!<br /><br />Mutt'n 8)