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    LaoFuZhi wrote:
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    >>Orpington Halfords had some 8 function computers for 3.99, got one on Sat.

    > If it's their own-brand one I'd be interested to hear if it works properly
    > when fitted.....

    Kingston Halfords had some 8 function computers for 4.97 this morning
    (presumably the same ones as in Orpington only more expensive) and some
    12 function for 4.99. I have just bought two of the latter, fitted one
    and (accidently) left it out in the heavy shower that has just crossed
    SW London - which should test its water resistance.

    The quality of the computer handlebar clip seems to be better than that
    of my late Catseye Velo 8, which had a habit of flying out of the clip
    everytime you pressed the button to change modes.


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    John Hearns <[email protected]> of Customer of Plusnet Technologies Ltd
    >I got the shorts, which look OK and will make casual riding shorts.
    >but I discovered that the 'chamois' pad velcroes in, so these
    >will be a no-no for any long rides at all.
    >If anyone is at all interested, the chamois is removable and is
    >attached by six small velcro squares. So it rucks up easily.

    There are two sorts of shorts. One as you describe in a non-stretchy fabric
    - I only saw black ones. The other sort are lycra with a sewn in pad and I
    find them comfy, no rucking up problems. The lycra ones are in blue with
    yellow triangles set in, black with red, black with white and a pattern in
    red or blue on the white, but no plain colours in lycra.
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