Alivio vs. Deore SGS rear, C102 vs. Nexave 301 front - Please help

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Brad J .

I haven't owned or ridden a bike in several years and I'm trying to get back into it. At this point
I'm trying to decide between a Gary Fisher Zebrano and the next model up, the Nirvana.

The Zebrano has a Shimano Alivio rear derailleur and a C102 front derailleur, while the Nirvana has
a Deore SGS rear derailleur and a Nexave 301 front derailleur. The Zebrano also has Matrix 750 rims
vs. the Nirvana's Bontrager Fairlane rims. The price difference between the two bikes is about $150.

These distinctions mean little to me and I'm getting differing information from sales people, even
within the same shop. As a, for all intents and purposes, beginning bicyclist with a somewhat
limited budget and not enough experience with shifting and such to really notice a difference
between the two bikes on one test ride, I'm kind of at a loss.

Can someone help me understand the distinctions between these parts (or these bikes if you're
familiar with the models) and whether it's worth it to flip the bill for the better bike in the
long-run? I'll be trying to work my way up to riding relatively long distances, so this isn't just
going to be some errand bike.

Thanks muchly.

- Brad
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