All Members - Take Note!

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Aug 11, 2001
Lately there have been a few "incidents" within the community.
This bulletin board, like any other, encourages free discussion. However, almost everyone has a different perception as to the meaning of free discussion.
Obviously the board focuses on cycling, but members are allowed to discuss non-cycling related topics, and therein resides the problem.
This site is widely recognised as a quality bulletin board, and many of our members are highly educated and experienced people.
Now neither Steve, the administrator and owner of this bulletin board, nor me, or any of the other moderators, do what we do because we have to. It is purely a labour of love. We get nothing more out of it except the joy of being part of one of the biggest and best cycling bulletin boards on the net.

We will not allow this board to degenerate like many other bulletin boards have. If I had it my way, only cycling related topics would be allowed. You are reminded that this is, in fact, a cycling related site.

As a moderator, I will from now on take a stance against those that think that "free speech" means that they can say and do whatever they want just because they feel "empowered".
To those members that contribute to the board in a positive and constructive way, keep up the good work.
Not open for further replies.