All T sufferers...Go for it!



It is a standard practice in *all* state hospitals in China by which anyone who is diagnosed of
having had tinnitus is given intravenous injection of various kinds of medicine. The doctors in
China do that only because they have seen enough cause-and-effect relationship between blood
circulation of the head on the one hand and tinnitus on the other.

So it is fine that you are on drugs and doing habituation. But don't just stop that. Go one step
forward to have your tinnitus better treated or even cured using other means. It is *said to be*
easier to recover for new T sufferers than for the old but nothing says old T sufferers are unable
to recover or at least have their situation improved with prolonged intravenous injection treatment.
Go for it as long as the consequences are reversible and the consequences are reversible.

Good luck,