All The Same Headset (fit)?


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Oct 14, 2015
I recently picked up a Nashbar carbon frame and they recommend the FSA Orbit tapered headset...I'm looking at additional options. I've used Cane Creek headset's in the past, and have had good luck, but I'm still exploring my options.

FSA Orbit:

Will all these work? Is an integrated headset and integrated headset in terms of fit—ignoring quality at the moment—or are there variations?

Cane Creek 40 Integrated / Tapered

Cane Creek 110 Integrated / Tapered:

Chris King Inset 2:

Hope Tapered Integral:
In addition to the 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" spec, you need : For tapered 46mm/56mm OD head tube
This the outside dia​meters of your frames head tube, give or take a few thousands of an inch.

No clue if item 1 of 4 will work. Not enough information.

Link 2 of 4 takes me what appears to be a straight 1-1/8" to 1-1/8" headset. No, will not work if that is the case.

Link number three to the sweet Chris King headset: May work. Missing info you can probably find on CK's website.

You know...just go to FSA's really informative website. Look up the headset Nashbar specifies to fit your frame. Write down the pertinent specifications and cross reference them on Cane's and Chris King's websites.

Personally, I've use a couple Ritchey and FSA headsets and one Cane Creek. I've not managed to destroy any of them. None have required replacement and I'm the guy that used to destroy a Campy Record or Super Record headset to the tune of one per year or every other year at the outside.

I've got the same FSA you spec'd from Nashbar in my TREK 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" Emonda. Not a darn thing wrong with it. I would not over-think this one. If the FSA option works according to Nashbar I would run with it.

And if you could, let me know how you like the Nashbar bargain basement carbon frame. I came close to pulling the trigger on one the last time they put them on sale. I think they're a great deal. I might build one up this Winter with the new Campy Chorus EPS stuff, a DEDA cockpit and Selle Italia Flite just to freak people out. And then slap an el cheapo pair of Aksiums on it as my training wheel reference standard.
Thanks for the info, I'll check FSA's website.

I'll let you know about the frame, I should have the bike done by Thanksgiving. So far I have the frame, Force 22 groupset, Zipp 30 wheels. I'm trying to build the best carbon bike I can for $2K.

I waited for a Nashbar 20% off sale for the frame, picked up the wheels at a big discount from Colorado Cyclists, groupset from eBay, now I just need the bits and pieces and a weekend.

I'm using Shimano A600 pedals (spd) since I use the same pedals on all my bikes, need to pick up a saddle (Fizik Aliante), stem, headset, and handlebars.

A little patience waiting for items to go on sale, has been worth it so far.