~~~Almond chicken and dried apricot salad pita~~~

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    ~~~Almond chicken and dried apricot salad pita~~~

    one half cup fat free plain yogurt
    two tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
    one tablespoon dijon mustard
    one teaspoon orange zest
    one teaspoon honey

    one fourth cup whole almonds, (i like raw. the recipe says to toast
    them at 300 degrees for
    seven minutes first and
    then let them cool before
    adding in)
    one cup sliced or cut up chicken breast, cooked without salt, cooled
    one half cup dried apricots, cut into quarters or ribbons
    one large celery stalk, chopped

    two whole wheat pitas
    four whole leaves of romaine lettuce

    whisk together the first five ingredients. then stir in the next four
    until well coated in the dressing.

    cut the pitas in half and open into pockets and gently press one
    romaine lettuce leaf
    into the bottom of the pita pocket. this was my idea to add the
    lettuce, cos it keeps
    the pita from breaking when the dressing gets it soggy.

    spoon one quarter of the salad mixture into each of the pita pockets in
    the lettuce leaf liner, and you have a very healthy meal for two!

    i got this from a magazine advertisment for california almonds. enjoy!
    :) myraide