Aluminum action camera mounts and accessories

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Wish someone would have told me about this stuff years ago. But they didn't so I am telling anybody I can who may not know! :D:p:D

Don't waste your money on go pro plastic junk!

Looks like great stuff!

It is! Got in a few more screws, a buckle mount in, and a 5 inch handle/tripod mount on the way. Great stuff, more durable, great connectivity, and much purtier! :D

My aluminum screw collection updated 5 minutes ago, with 4 missing (in service). Maybe it's an addiction ha ha!

The fish wrench/bottle opener was sent to me today with my order no charge. I guess they figured I'd done good business with them. They probably like my feedback left on their store as well. :p

I'm thinking I may be the envy of the bike world tomorrow with the red thumbscrew on the tandem handle bar go pro mount! :D:p:D


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