Am I overdoing it? (Training before and after century)


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Jan 20, 2005
I’m doing my second century this Sunday. My first century was last Sunday. I’m trying to figure out how to break up my training over the next four days. I’m planning on riding about 30 miles today (Friday). Should I ride Saturday and Sunday, taking Monday off? Should I take Saturday off and do a recovery ride on Monday? Or should I ride all four days? Here's a breakdown of the options:

1) Ride Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon
2) Ride Fri-Sun-Mon
3) Ride Fri-Sat-Sun

* Just some clues to my general fitness – I’m 26 years, 6’4”, 167lbs. I’ve been training since February. Mileage was limited to 100 miles/week or less for much of this time due to some minor injuries (no longer an issue). Following the first century, I rode 24 miles on Monday and felt great. 24 miles again on Wednesday. Again, I felt great. I’m trying to prepare for the AIDS/LifeCycle in June (585 miles, 7 days).