Am I the Only One?


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May 13, 2002
I make a point of giving a small wave to every cyclist who I see whilst out on the road...(Obviously I don't wave during the Argus :D)<br /><br />I find it very annoying when the wave is completely ignored. Why wouldn't you return a friendly greeting......too elite?.....your stuff is better than mine?.....not confident enough to take a hand off the bars?<br /><br />Whatever the reason, it really annoys much so that I am now considering my alternatives i.e. ignore all waves, don't initiate a wave, pretend I haven't seen you, or finally, carry on waving and accept a returned-wave-ratio somewhere less than 100%.<br /><br />Waving Goodbye for now<br /><br />Mutton
Nah, happens with a large percentage of riders, both Roadies, and Knobbies...<br /><br />'spose we are expected to bow down to their l33tness B4 they succumb to greeting us...<br /><br />I gave up a long time ago...
I greet most cyclists and runners I pass along the way. The only time I don't greet is when I'm suffering, like when I'm going up a difficult hill and someone comes past in the opposite direction. Too much effort to get my hand of the bars. Even then I'll greet with a nod.
Yes it's annoying that some don't acknowledge but don't become one of them.<br /><br />Keep on waving at passing cyclist and as Vo2 mentioned runners as well.<br /><br />
Runners huh?...<br /><br />Hmmm...<br /><br />Not to sure if I could associate with my self with a Runner...<br /><br />*G*<br /><br />You see, Lazarus, before we can greet a fellow Johannesburger, we must first assume battle positions, perform a deep security scan of them, etc and then only can we assume that they are indeed safe to contact...<br /><br />...not that I am anti-SA or anything...<br /><br />Nah, I'm joking mate, but personally I only do something if they act first...for a couple of reasons...<br /><br />I am also a quite aggressive rider, and don't really ride in a manner open to greeting...<br /><br />Hehe...
I always try to greet both cyclists and runners. However as VO2 has pointed out sometime when you are suffering its just to much wasted energy to lift your hand. However I do try to muster up a nod and a smile.<br /><br />You can also use this to your benifit. When going up an incline where you see others suffering and you are slightly quicker, as you pass them you put on your most cheerful smile and voice and utter a very cheerful &quot;good morning guys&quot; on your way past. Sort of like phsycological warfare. hehehe.
My 10c, it&#8217;s not possible to wave if you are concentrating, suffer and have to ditch the cars on the road. What pi**es me off is when a car come from behind and blow the hooter (when he is alongside) of me. My first reaction is to react (move more to the left) and then to wonder &#8220;what wrong did I do&#8221;. Then I realize the person was only "greeting". but the damage was done, my blood was cooking and he/she can go to hell. Sorry to all the motorist or other cyclist who I don't greet, but as a cyclist who are on the road, everyday of my life, I WILL GREET if the situation allows but otherwise, except the fact that I'm so concentrated on staying alive on my training rides that I don't see you on the road
I make a point of greeting people. Always. Sometimes I'll even slow down a bit a have a brief chat with the people, especially if they are suffering up a hill. I'll give them some encouragement. I've even been known to give some complete strangers a push on a hill just before they're likely to blow.<br /><br />Hey I was there once and I swore never to be a pretentious ***** like most of the cyclists I used to encounter on the roads that I thought were really good. Now I greet them cheerfully as I pass them.
Hi Lab_Rat, We must understand that every human react different towards life. Thats why you have the party animals or jokers on a party and then in the other corner of the room there is the guy who dont like the noise and go home at 10. All I want to say is not to "pick" on the ones who dont greet or dont smile or don't chat to the guys on the road. It the way they are and we should respect that.
Pothole,<br /><br />I love the fact that we are all different. In fact most everything we do or think about is based upon the differences bewteen cultures, races, sexes etc.<br /><br />I can't, however, accept that this tolerance of differences can be extended to such basic things as common courtesy. I refer to my original question....why wouldn't or couldn't you respond to a smile or a nod?<br /><br />Partying your brains out or going home by 10 is not a suitable analogy.<br /><br />Mutt'n<br /><br />
No worries Pothole. I don't pick on anybody. If I greet them and I don't get a response, I just insult them to myself in my head. I don't get stressed about it at all.<br /><br />Hey there's enough kak stuff out there to worry about than some guy or girl who I don't know and will most likely never even see again who didn't greet me.
Hmm, I have to mention that Jo'burg cyclists seem to be pretty darn friendly whenever I'm cycling around. I've also had that thing with cars hooting. One which is more common is the Taxis doing their normal hooting (you know the two taps they do on the hooter every now and again to alert possible passengers?), just as irritating when it happens by your ear.<br /><br />Funny that this thread has just started as a couple of friends of mine were cycling in northcliff and came upon somebody they decided had to be the grumpiest cyclist in the world, they greeted him going up a hill, he looked them straight in the eye and then said nothing. When they asked if he was having a nice ride his mono-syllabic response was &quot;no&quot;. But thinking about the comments on struggling up a hill I guess I have to feel for this guy, he probably wasn't exactly pleased at these two happily talking as they went waltzing past up a hill (one of these friends and I made a point of talking up and down Hyde Park hill on a recent hill-training session, got many disgruntled comments as we went past people ;D)
[quote author=Merlin link=board=10;threadid=2486;start=0#21351 date=1033425948]<br />Runners huh?...<br /><br />Hmmm...<br /><br />Not to sure if I could associate with my self with a Runner...<br /><br /><br />[/quote]<br /><br />Merlin I wave to runners simply because they are out there doing it.<br /><br />Anybody who gets off their butt and does something is worthy of a wave in my book.<br /><br />ps I'll have to take a photo of my local pub, it's name is.....The Merlin
I generally make an effort to wave most of the time, although I can understand sometimes when people don't. One of the great things about our sport is that sometimes you can go for a ride to escape all the stress of daily life and, if you so desire, not speak to anyone else for hours. Sometimes daily life leaves me in a less than wonderful mood.<br /><br />On these rides, I generally don't feel like waving to everyone that I meet. I mean, I'll usually return a wave, but more out of formal politeness than any kind of greeting. Sometimes people just aren't in the mood.
Yes, but, when you're on your bike, life is good.<br /><br />Next time you're riding ask yourself the question . . . &quot;Where would I rather be?&quot;
That's true. But sometimes I want to be there alone. Guess it's just as well I didn't encounter anyone on my ride home from work tonight! ;D