Am i the only person sick of dog owners


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Mar 16, 2017
Am I the only person sick of dog owners with an IQ of a rat who allow dogs on 30' leads to run in front of cyclists
No, only the one left on this forum who haven't gotten sufficiently jaded and cynical yet.

Give it some mileage, and at most you'll ask about pointers on technique on how to simultaneously pick grit out of your elbows, untangle a leash from your bike and fend off wild swings from an irate pet owner.

Along that route of Discovery, you'll also figure out why wheels with fairly high spoke counts are safer while riding through parks.
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Hahaha I have also written to my council

Carmarthenshire Council

Via email. 21st March 2017

Dear Mr Walters,


I would like the council to place serious consideration on the banning on extending dog leads on cycle paths.

I and my son with learning difficulties and many many other tourists use cycle paths and yet more and more we are put in danger at speed by irresponsible dog owners with these dog leads that extend many many meters often right in front of cyclists.

Please can you let me know what you already have in place to stop this or are planning.

Yours sincerely,

J S E Rundle

Journalist and cyclist.
Unleashed dogs can also be a problem. Last week one of my ride companions T-boned a loose dog with the dog's owner standing close by. The dog squealed and may have suffered some damage although it was up and walking right after the hit. My friend was able to unclip and stop without hitting the ground.
Well I love dogs but not the owner. There are a lot of situation that I hate the owners based on how they treat their dogs. The attitude of dogs always depends on the owners. and based on what you said, I think the owner is really irresponsible.
I am a dog lover and I hate to see dogs being harmed. If I would see a dog in that situation where there is a high probability of an accident to happen, for sure I will tell the owner about it. And if the owner is stubborn then an altercation will ensue.
Yep, gotta hate irresponsible dog owners! And those who don't pick up after they've pooped (the dog not the owner ;) )
Yeah, I also hated that. specially at park. most of them bring their dogs to the park but not responsible enough to pick up the poops,
I hate pet owners who don't know how to take care of their pets and treat animals badly. This includes those who don't know how to look after their dogs and care for them properly.
Am I the only person sick of dog owners with an IQ of a rat who allow dogs on 30' leads to run in front of cyclists
I wouldn't harm any animal but I'm not a dog lover. I live in a retirement community where the rules tell dog owners they can't use retractable leashes. Trouble is, nobody enforces that rule. So as I'm attempting to ride out of the park, I sometimes come up behind someone with two dogs on retractable leashes. The owner walks down the middle of the road, and the dogs are on either side, on the grass verges. They seem to be in another world, having no thought for cars, motorcycles, golf cars and bikes.

Then there are the owners with small dogs with loud yaps that pierce my ears when I ride by. The smaller the dog, the worse their yap. It's these kind of things that cause me to not be a dog lover. The big dogs are fine, though.

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