Am i too lanky?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Jambo101, Dec 25, 2016.

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    Dec 25, 2016
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    I'm thinking of purchasing an orbea Avant H50 2016 ( ) my only concern is that I'm 6ft 2 and and have an inside leg measurement of 35inches, will I be too uncomfortable on the drops or just generally on the bike? I have been doing a bit of mountain biking on my carrera vengace ( 2012 model ) and I'm fine for long rides. As you can probably tell I'm new to road cycling :)

    Many thanks in advance.


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    I would have to know more about your body geometry, the Orbea's geometry and your riding position preferences...which may be impossible to obtain as you are new to road bikes.

    The 55 Cm will definitely be too small for you and the 60 Cm may be a good fit or it could possibly be too large.

    Visit the shop and test ride that 60 Cm. Have the guys in the shop do a rough fitting with you on the bike. You may need a longer or shorter stem, handlebars with a different drop / reach / shape and a seatpost with zero setback or one with 20-25 MM of setback.

    You may be able to get that 60 to work for you, but I wouldn't guess at it. Go find out.
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    Opt for the 60.

    It's not really the seat tube that you have to think about. The deal breaker really is the top tube and the "reach." If your bars are way too close then it's basically game over on the first ride. A 55cm bike will have you feeling like you're a circus freak on a mini-me bike.

    I have a 34" inside leg and have always ridden 58 to 60 cm since I started riding seriously in the early 1980s. The older I get the more I lean towards 60cm as my back doesn't deal with the drop too well but my ape like arms like the extra reach.
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    Got you beat, Jambo. Just shy of 6' 0", 35" leg length. I'll bet your feet are bigger than mine though.

    I think you'll be happy on the 60. For comparison, I prefer smallish 58s (like trek) or largish 56s (like Scott or specialized). With 175 mm cranks of course. Although the specialized fit guide recommends 58.

    Look at your arm length too. Long arms allow or even require more handlebar reach and (more so) drop.

    Find photos of eddy merckx for fit and posture beta for lanky guys.