AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute?


Todd Gastaldo



Catholic League president William A. Donohue said (in a Feb. 2, 2004 newsrelease):

priests without reference to the level of offense found among the clergy of other religions, or to
that of other professionals, is grossly unfair..."

Catholic League Pres. Donohue emphasized:

"It is the belief of the Catholic League that no meaningful conversation can take place on this
issue without having some baseline data regarding the incidence of abuse that occurs outside the
Catholic Church." --Catholic League president William A. Donohue in a Feb. 2, 2004 newsrelease

WELL SAID! (I *hope* though that the Catholic League is not in favor of having the Catholic Church
shelter child abusers!)

Far and away the most frequent child abuse occurs in MEDICAL churches called hospitals.

MD-priests tie/strap MOST male babies to boards and make them scream and writhe and bleed and
sometimes die or lose their penises. (This $200 million dollar per year child-abuse-for-profit
BOONDOGGLE is American medicine's obviously illegal most frequent surgical behavior toward males!
MDs ADMIT they shouldn't be doing it!)

MD-priests also routinely close birth canals up to 30% - and KEEP birth canals closed when babies'
shoulders get stuck. MD-priests admit this ON VIDEO!

See MD priests 'hazing' babies at UCLA; DA only prosecuting Catholic 'pedo-priests'...

Medicine *is* a church - a most unruly, unscientific church:

"[T]he intellectual foundation of medical a physician decides is by definition
correct." --Eddy DM. The challenge. (Jan12)1990 JAMA

"There is one quotation that captures the essence of what membership in both the AMA and our state
medical associations is all about...'Joining the AMA is like joining a church...'" --Hopkins D
reviewing Campion FD: The AMA and U.S. Health Policy Since 1940, 1984, Review Press: Chicago, IL. In
Western J Med, 1985;142(2):273.

Copied to: The Catholic League via

Copied to: LA County DA Steve Cooley and Deputy DA William Hodgman who

Hodgman is investigating Catholic "pedo-priests" and ignoring FAR more numerous AMA "pedo-priests."

See again: MD priests 'hazing' babies at UCLA; DA only prosecuting Catholic 'pedo-priests'...

Steve and Bill: DO something! NOW. Some babies are DYING. Babies need you to stop ONGOING mass child
abuse by AMA "pedo-priests." (!)

One last note: I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just academic prime cuts forced
through this culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school. Such pardons would allow
MDs to keep doing their valid medical work, generating money to pay the inevitable civil damages.

Again, I hope that the Catholic League is not in favor of the Catholic Church sheltering priests who
have committed child abuse.

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