Amazing bike rides Midwest/Iowa


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Aug 14, 2013
I'm new here but thought I'd share a couple if rides that are amazing here in Iowa. TOMRV Your Of the Mississippi River Valley Early June. Starts in Davenport, Iowa on a Saturday and follows the Mississippi River north to Dubuque, Iowa. First day is 109 miles. First 60 miles is fairly flat, and then it's a hill fest. Lots of scenic back roads. Second day is 89 miles and starts all over with the hill fest. Beautiful views abound. Flattens out, but in early June there's usually a wind out of the South which challenges even the strongest riders. One of the best run rides I've ever been on! Only about 1000 riders and the views are worth the ride! When you are done you will be proud of yourself, this ride is not for casual riders. RAGBRAI Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa Always the last full week in July. Starts at the Missouri River and 7 days later ends in the Mississippi River. Daily rides anywhere from 50-100 miles. The ride is 41 years old and has never repeated a route. The people in small town Iowa compete for this ride to go through their town or even over night there! I've been told its the largest rec ride in the world with as many as 15,000 riders and thousands of support people. It is a wonderful 7 day fun ride that will leave you planning for the following year! You can Google either one and get the scoop on both rides! Enjoy! I'm already planning these trips next year!