amazing health tips for a lifetime

Very pleased to see your site and in this opprtunity I would like to
share ideas about health.

It is a very effective way how to keep our health from Pennasia

1. Lie on back without a pillow in anatomic position, namely:
feet in straight position, hands are beside body in straight and
relaxed condition and palm are open

2. Make physical condition in relax.

3. Make condition of mind fresh, or pray to God

4. make condition of muscle and nerve in forehead in relax and

5. Close your eyes during in relaxed condition

6. Breathe regularly and in relax condition

7. Do it more or less each 15 minutes in the morning and evening or

8. After 15 minutes, you can continue or stop the practise.

9. This practise can be applied in your lifetime

10.You may teach this way to your family and closefriends, but
please say to them that it is a way from Pennasia Normalization.

11.Have an enjoyable natural health!


Previously, you may feel less convenient with this practise, but just
do it for a few days and you start to feel convenient and want to do
it all the time. When lying on back, the pressure in all body is
relatively same.
For further information, please see our site at PennasiaNormalization
dot com and additional information in a few days later, Pennasia
Normalization will launch Technique of Diabetes Therapy for free
charge in our site. You can tell your friends or someone that suffers
diabetes about this good information. Good luck and God bless you!!