Amazingly stupid cyclists

Wow, simply wow.

Hmmm! Not sure why you insist on attacking my personal life to cover up your own stupidity. That is where the wow is, now grow up.

This is the way I see it, your mind is twisted Froze. Just as you posted some insane comments a while back in my thread about wearing a tire down to the threads. You stated that you changed a tire at the first signs of a thread. Then I quoted you on a post you had made in the past about wearing your tire down to the core as a test to see what the consequences would be.

Of course you avoided answering by vanishing for a few weeks. Probably in embarrassment being busted on your idiotic comments in my post about me hurting myself, being dangerous when in fact you have done much more than I have as far as wearing tires.

I think you talk out of your ass sometimes then try to twist the attention back onto others to cover up your own stupidity.

The fact that I call you out on your stupid inaccurate comments does no mean I have personal issues going on in my personal life.

It simply means you do dumb **** like read by pictures making yourself looking like and ass then don't like it when someone shows you how idiotic and irrelevant your moronic replies are!

So please, keep pushing the issue you think you see in my life. I'll continue to show you how stupid people cover up their stupid posts by trying to shine the spotlight somewhere else.
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You may think you are smart Froze but I actually think you are an old grumpy senile man. You contradict yourself on several posts and when some, one name comes to mind, CyclingTom, you go out of your way to make a fool of yourself attacking every little thing he says or whenever he posts his opinion. Really is very childlike!

You need to grow up!
Let's move along and stick to just cycling discussion. There is enough to be on edge about outside of this forum.
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