AMB-ID - The Loon Lake Death March

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Pack up the bike, the gear, hit the road. Hours, through farmland, desert, river gorge and
foothills. The cool, refreshing water of Payette Lake. A night under the stars, listening to the
wind through the pines and the rush of the river over the rocks. Warm morning sun, steak and eggs,
sunscreen and pack the chow and drinks. Goofing off at the trailhead - good chat with good folk. Off
uphill, and up and up, between conifers and through streams. First downhill - yeeeHAW! - a nice warm
up. Down to a meadow, over a bridge and onto some sweet 1track. Climbing, lactic acid beginning to
make an appearance. Down again, rocks and roots, roots and rocks - 100% fun. Through an old burn,
following a contour line - some nice techincal bits. Down the other side, across a meadow and up
again. Down, more roots, more rocks, more steep, more fun! Loon Lake, the old bomber, cool water,
Freak-ish chatter. Follow the river! Up, up, up! Down to the rocks - Freaks can clean it, but tired
HT riders walk. The river rolls and roars through a cool canyon. The smell of pine and fresh water,
of damp soil and moss. A spent Spider rolls out of the 1track. Tired, but well-mannered, goofing off
at the trail head. A barbeque - salmon, steak, beer, pie. Surround-sound Eagle's Wing - nice.
Another night under the stars - full moonlight to sit and listen to the river. Drive back - looking
forward to next year.

Not open for further replies.