Ambosio rims.



Anyone know anything about Ambrosio rims? I have Ambrosio CC22 hardened alloy rims. Problem is they seem to be slightly larger than standard tyre sizes. Consequently fitting tyres is a major hazzle. It is IMPOSSIBLE to fit tyres WITHOUT using tyre levers. :mad: So I have a whole bunch of tubes that have been nipped fitting! :'( I have blaming the tyres (Continental Traction Pro) but have now discovered by trying to fit my wife's El Cheapos that it is the rims that are slightly oversize.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Old Timer - I had a pair of Ambrosio DH-28 rims and had the exact same problem, don't even try fitting tires on your Ambrosio's without a tire lever you'll just end up with badly bruised fingers ;D. My workaround for this:
  • Take your tube and inflate it just enough so it fits nicely into your tire
  • Coat the tube and inside of the tire with baby powder
This will decrease your chances of pinching the tubes.


Because I was a downhiller I got a lot of pinch flats while riding and decided to buy myself a pair of MAXXIS DownHill tubes, you wouldn’t believe how thick these tubes are (same thickness as heavy duty MX tubes) and I never had to worry about pinch flats or pinching the tubes while fitting the tires again, might be worth your while investing in a pair, they will last you forever (they are a bit heavy though).

Hope this helps.
Psycho426. Thanks for the info. I guess I'm stuck with these rims! :( Otherwise they're excellent. I've discussed this with a few LBS and asked them to show me how to do a quick tyre change on my MTB. ;D ;D Their confidence soon evaporates and they all find it unbelievable how tight the rims are on any MTB tyre. I can't understand why Ambrosio would have made them that way. Their website in Italy is not very informative. In fact it doesn't even mention rims, which is one of their main claims to fame. ::)