An article claims that people are annoyed at cyclists for being arrogant, their attire and equipment

People are "annoyed" that's there problem.
I get "annoyed" all the time, sometimes you just have to remember we share this planet will all types of people.
I find these people just have little or nothing good, so they make trouble for other.
It's like my neighbors who literally are home ALL FREAKING DAY. I see them peering out the blinds at us, they always have some comment or another.
One time I was working on a friends BMX, they have really loud hubs.
So we were spinning the wheel and you could hear the neighbors kids "daddy what's that noise."
"oh who knows? It's probably BBBB playing with his stupid bikes"
I feel bad for his kids.
Then all people involved in any type of sports that entails wearing a sporty attire with their equipment to go with it should also be accused of being arrogant? That is the most biased opinion I have ever heard of. How can we go about riding without these? There are some equipment that would cost you an arm and a leg but that does not make you arrogant.