An Early Morning Ride

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    This was posted to the newsgroup while the newsgroup gateway was
    nonfunctional. This post never made it here to the forum. This post
    doesn't deserve to be lost in the ether, so here it is.


    From: "Naomi" <naomi_sajeri [at]>
    Subject: An Early Morning Ride
    Lines: 73
    Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 01:18:27 +0100

    I awake early this morning, rather too early really for the evening's
    to have properly dispersed. The open window has allowed the noise to
    me. An itinerant thrush has landed too near the ivy in the old apple
    and the blackbird that I know to be nesting there, vociferously chases
    the thrush, along with what remains of my sleep.
    I pick up the muni, and after locking the door I traverse the patio,
    have surprisingly little trouble with the 5 steps that take me down to
    rough path past the goldfishpond, and then up along the narrow pathway
    the side of the garage. The frogs, as always are looking up, heads
    out of the surface weed, a huge amphibious starry gazy pie. My progress
    as I
    brush past the japanese maple tree causes most of them to retreat below
    surface. Only the tadpoles and pond skaters remain, gently rippling
    water near the odd remnant of floating fish pellet that the goldfish
    By the garage I negotiate the garden gate, closing it neatly behind me
    after a few yards reach the smooth newly tarmaced pavement. Time to get
    the unicycle/

    My first problem: I lean against the gatepost to mount the unicycle,
    long since given up any idea of freemounting the damn thing. The
    curtains in
    the flats across the road twitch again, as I knew they would, the old
    is on guard duty as usual ready to harangue those passers by who are
    loud, or who drop litter near her bit of the tarmac. Slowly I push
    always a slightly tense moment, but I usually manage this without
    off these days, and I ride my way slowly down towards the railway. The
    tells me I am going SSWest at about 4mph. It is quite fast enough for
    After some 150 yards I rest against the wall, not quite panting with
    exhaustion, not quite ready to move on. The corner leading to the
    alongside the railway is tight and I know I will have to carefully jerk
    unicycle around it if I am not to UPD. I manage it quite well and
    down the narrow path trying to avoid the dog excrement and the slugs
    snails that appear to view it as an excellent breakfast. A pair of
    tits watch as, trying to avoid the last couple of slugs, I
    UPD, nearly demolishing the rotting fence on my right. But I land on my
    and am undamaged.

    My first UPD of the day, and the GPS tells me I have already covered
    on 250 yards. I suspect this is a crow flies measurement and so the
    will be more like 350 yards. One of the slugs looks to be past help
    and I
    lean sadly against the metallic green fence and briefly watch a fox on
    railway embankment until the Virgin Express train scares it off.
    usually puts the slugs off their meal, except perhaps dry weather.
    the winter this secluded pathway attracts the fly tippers, who throw
    anything from mattresses to half eaten Macdonalds over onto the
    At this time of year though the luxurious growth of grasses, shrubs
    ferns covers most of that which has been dumped, nature doing its best
    to at
    least hide, if not to repair the damage.

    It is easy riding now, along the path by the railway, perfectly smooth
    tarmac except for one tree root and a couple of manhole covers. I
    inexpertly but effectively round them and progress for some 300 yards
    needing another rest. Then I ride another short stretch, but I am as
    too tired to reach the station and instead elect to walk home along the
    route. The postman gives me an odd look as I pass him by but otherwise
    no comment.
    I again have no problems with the gate, the front gate this time, so
    walk up the drive and back inside the house. I park the uni in the
    near to the juggling clubs, and wander back upstairs, contented and
    to resume my sleep.

    A good ride, slightly less than 1/2 a mile, with only one UPD

    Naomi ;-) with a small apology to Mikefule.

    Mill's Mess NEEDS gravity, it is probably what Newton invented it for.
    But why, oh why, did he have to give us quite so much of it?

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    And a reply rescued from the Ether.


    From: "Carney Carney Kilian" <carney_k [at]>
    References: <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: An Early Morning Ride
    Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 21:34:50 -0400

    Great little story! It reminded me of when I wasn't trapped in the
    Urban jungle of Toronto! Seems like you have a great place to do some
    riding... although anything that isn't concrete and constantly full of
    noise of traffic looks fantastic to me right now! Fortunately in 2
    I'll be out of the city for a few months and living in a provincial park
    Northern Ontario. Then I'll have some nice quiet areas, and beautiful
    trails to advance my MUni skills. I hope you're learning continues to
    progress... all the best.


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    And we can't forget Klaas' reply.


    From: [email protected] (Klaas Bil)
    Subject: Re: An Early Morning Ride
    Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 07:47:57 GMT

    On Sun, 30 May 2004 01:18:27 +0100, "Naomi" wrote:

    >the GPS tells me I have already covered close
    >on 250 yards. I suspect this is a crow flies measurement and so the

    >will be more like 350 yards.

    Nice read. Sorry to disappoint you about the distance but it is
    usually along track, because if this quote "A good ride, slightly less
    than 1/2 a mile" was also based on the GPS reading when you were back
    at the starting point, it would be 0 miles "as the crow flies".

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