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    Hello to all...

    I had started a thread in mid-May that asked about being a first-time
    visitor to in Marietta, GA. I just got back from visiting
    there and I wanted to tell everyone what a great time it was. John and
    Amy were the most helpful and informative people I could have hoped to
    have met. They talked to me about what I was looking for and I rode as
    many of the unicycles as they had. Then, Amy suggested a Nimbus X-24 as
    an alternative to the KH 24 since I wasn't going to be doing dedicated
    MUnic riding, only now and again. Here's a link to the cycle:

    It was really nice and the KH saddle made it better to ride. I look
    forward to picking one up (after I pay off my trip to Disney World!).

    They also had a Coker and I got my first chance to ride that bad boy.
    Great fun!

    I highly recommend that if you are ever near Marietta, GA, stop in to
    see the folks at They are terrific.

    Best wishes,

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    Sounds very fine. I am greatly looking forward to my first visit to Don't know when it'll be, but I sure can't wait. :)

    Raphael Lasar
    Matawan, NJ

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  3. I'm peeved. I was born in Atlanta and lived on Eastlake drive until I
    was 8. I didn't learn to unicycle until I moved out here. I haven't
    returned to Atlanta since. I wish I'd gone to earlier (even if
    they didnt exist when I lived in Atlanta...). The irony is torutrous.

    gerblefranklin - Trials Unicyclist

    Don't you think it's a cruel irony that acting like a G.I. Joe in the
    army can get you a Medal, while playing with one can get you thrown out?
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