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  1. Fran

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    [email protected] said...
    > I vote for just 5 years - at their own expense - they can
    > carry on repaying it on 10% APR credit terms for the rest of their lives...

    Five years should be quite enough to punish them for what they did.
    Shove them into a prison and then leave them to the 'mercy' of the other
    prisoners. Especially black prisoners, and/or prisoners with teenage
    sons of the same age as the lad they so brutally murdered. Alternately,
    just let them loose in Bradford or Brixton. Or even Liverpool. I'd
    happily join the queue of people waiting to lay into them...
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  2. Fran

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    [email protected] said...
    > Bitstring <[email protected]>, from the
    > wonderful person AJH <[email protected]> said
    > >On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 16:16:23 +0000, GSV Three Minds in a Can
    > ><[email protected]> wrote:
    > >
    > >>
    > >>Were I in charge, we'd have 'burglar', 'repeat offender with one hand',
    > >>and 'corpse'. Much cheaper all round.

    > >
    > >How un PC can one get?

    > Most PC-ness is covert code for 'claptrap', IMO.

    Yep, complete load of cobblers most of it. To hell with political
    correctness, it's about time we forgot to be afraid to say what we

    > > Perhaps we have the punishment system we can
    > >afford?

    > We have the number in prison we can afford, maybe. Those two jerks are
    > gong to cost us 40 years at about 100k a year .. £4m. Just to preserve 2
    > 'career burglars' for posterity, or in case 'they didn't do it after all
    > gov'. I can think of lots better uses for £4m.

    Frankly, I'm finding that I don't really care whether they did it or
    not. The very fact that they are serial criminals who seem to feel that
    it's OK to rob and burgle makes them prison fodder in my view. And I
    too can think of lots of better uses for the money. Another reason to
    let the inmates loose on the abstrads.

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    On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 16:37:10 GMT, Roger <[email protected]>

    >The message <[email protected]>
    >from Phil Cook <[email protected]> contains these words:
    >> >Well over twenty years. Amen to that.

    >> I read in one of the rags that the judge had taken pity on them and
    >> given them shorter sentences because of their low intelligence! Mutter
    >> mutter foam foam! What is this county coming to.

    >I thought that the Judge was obliged to take their youth into account.
    >Strangely that aspect of the law hasn't followed the voting age

    Worth remembering that they got life. The number of years reflects
    the time when they can start whining about being let out on licence.
    There is no guarentee that they will come out, and if released, they
    are liable to be recalled at any time.

    Bye bye and good riddence.

    Richard Webb