An unforgetable manitou experience...or unforgivable nightmare


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Sep 4, 2004
I would like to share my experience with you all.
So, i own a 2003 manitou breakout. I never used the fork before this summer. It came off of a Rocky Mountain switch, and went on my hard tail, a cannondale chase. So, i started using the fork in June, it had never been used before. about a month after starting to use it, about 6 good rides, i noticed cracks in the lowers, on the very bottom of the same leg with the travel adjust, one of which was leaking oil. So, i went through the process of getting the RA number and sent it back to Outdoor Gear Canada (known as OGC) for warranty. After 3 to 4 painfull weeks without riding (i got rid of the switch) i got the fork back. after inspection i noticed something strange, a rather large bulge in the leg of the fork, as well, some bolts were stripped and mt stanchion was dinged, so i called OGC and the guy told me that it was not a big deal and he had seen several forks like it ridden hard and never had a problem. I was still iffy about it, so i called manitou and talked to the golbal customer service rep (no names) and he said it was a big deal. I called OGC back and the guy said thats what he told me to do, which it clearly was not! So, the very next day after having my fork back, i had to send it away again. The rep told me i would more than likley just get a new fork. I did not. I called about a week later and they told me it would be better for all parties for he fork to be repaired, and they said all parts in question would be fixed. The fork arrived back at my home after about 2.5 weeks, with new lowers once again, new bolts, but still a scratched stanchion. I e-mails the golbal rep and he said send a picture and he would give me some options. After a week of waiting, i still have no oprions. because of this fork and really poor mechanical service at OGC, i have missed over half the summer season of riding. This is the majority of our season, and the best part of it. i have missed many events and races. The service i have recieved was the worst, OGC specifically, and now from manitou. It seems as if i am left with the repair of the stanchion to myself. As well, it seems like my TPC dampening is leaking. This is supposed to be a highend fork. Manitou, shame on you, you can't service, support of back up your product right. is this how you treat your customers? by stealing half their season and leaving them with damaged equipment?! Too everyone thinking about buying manitou, look further for your fork, because you will not get the service you deserve after buying the fork.