and they're almost off ...


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Sep 24, 2007

I posted a few times over the past few months, about a trip to Barcelona which a friend and I had planned. Due to reasons logistical and financial, we had to switch to Amsterdam.

Departure date: 10 August.

We finally plumped for a pair of Dawes Kara Kums, and other stuff like panniers and so forth, have been bought piecemeal (Vaude for me, some other make for my friend, but I've yet to see his). As for sleeping, he has a tent and I've got myself a Hennessy Hammock. 'can't wait to try that out (here's hoping we get some trees en route...).

And we've knocked a small site together...

This is our first big trip (we've both pottered about on bikes in our home country for 30 years or more, but never more than 20 miles in one day), and so we're prepared to make errors and be somewhat out of condition for the first few days or so.

Wish us luck !!
Hey good luck on your trip. Shame about Barcelona you would have loved the ride there.
Tailwinds, George and Monique
Thanks .. we're going to get it wrong quite a few times, but we're going to have fun, of that we're determined. I just found out that I can't get a Brookes B17 before we leave, so am just going to have to make do with the 'gel' saddle that comes as standard on the Dawes.

But yes, we're bristling with excitement. :eek:
It's a shame your not riding the Barcelona route it's real nice..I've rode there from Le Harve on two occasions & last year from Milton Keynes, via Calais.

The best sections were definately across the Pyreneese, after the first French/Spanisg border town of Bourg Madame the road climbs through some really nice twisting roads (like the ones car manufactures use for their adverts where ther is no one else on the road & the sun is beaming down, real nice!!)

As for a saddle, I use the B67, I certainly wouldn't recomend the B17 as it's not sprung, if your gonna be riding say 5-6 hours a day then one with springs is the best, you bum will thankyou!! My first tour I done in 2006 was with a standard saddle & I used padded shorts, but with a B67 the padded shorts stay at home.

Have a good tour.