Anise Cookies (2) Collection

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    Self-frosting Anise Cookies


    submitted by zpegasus
    from US

    Yield: 1 serving.

    1 cup Sugar
    1 Egg
    2 tsp Vanilla
    1/4 cup Vegetable oil
    2 tsp Anise-flavored liqueur
    2/3 cup Water
    2 cup Flour
    1 1/2 tsp Whole anise seed

    Combine all except last two ingredients. Beat well. Stir in flour and
    anise seed. Drop batter by the
    teaspoonful onto center of each cookie section. Close lid and allow to
    cook 30 to 45 seconds or until lightly brown. Allow to cool on wire rack
    or towels. Dust with powdered sugar.

    Self-frosting Anise Cookies

    submitted by zpegasus
    from US

    Yield: 2 dozen.

    2 cup Flour
    1/2 tsp Baking powder
    1 Tbsp Anise seed
    3 Eggs, room temp.
    1 cup Plus 2 Tbsp sugar
    1/2 tsp Salt

    Sift flour, measure, and sift again with baking powder. Beat eggs and
    sugar at medium for 30 minutes.
    Add flour mixture and beat 3 minutes. Add anise seed. Drop by teaspoons on
    greased and floured cookie
    sheets. Dry overnight. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 12 minutes.
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