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    fyi ;)


    Wheels of Justice: Say no to road violence

    Wheels of Justice are Australians who happen to enjoy riding bicycles and want to create positive outcomes for all road users. We want drivers to be educated to understand that those who ride bicycles have a right to be on the road, and that all road users have a duty of care towards each other.

    On Saturday 25th November 2006, the Daily Telegraph published Anita Quigley's article "This disturbing cycle is just a critical mess"

    In the second paragraph, Quigley makes this following remark:

    "It has never occurred to me it might matter to drivers what a cyclist wears because, clothed or naked, with a helmet or not, all cyclists in the city are irritating and I find bring on an overwhelming desire to swerve towards."

    Quigley counters with this remark (Mon 27 Nov 2006) in response to negative comments left by readers:

    "David et al, I responded on Saturday - it's called humour. And I cannot believe I am still be asked such ludicrous questions. Of course I would not drive my car towards and hit a cyclist."

    Wheels of Justice believe this response is still NOT an adequate apology. As a media commentator, Anita Quigley should have a better comprehension of what is acceptable to publish in the media.

    A possible incitement to violence as a result of difference of opinion is NOT acceptable in any context.

    Last week, the Townsville Bulletin reported that the North Queensland Cowboys have been forced to take their "intensive bike training off the streets and into the protected confines of Townsville's velodrome for the first time" due to unprovoked acts of aggression by motorists.

    The Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Glen Murphy said in the article; "the boys can be as safe as anything (when cycling on the road) but we have no control over motorists."

    Townsville Bulletin: Team go off road (23/11),7034,20806503%5E14787,00.html

    What has recently occurred to the North Queensland Cowboys team is sadly an example of intolerant attitudes that should not be further encouraged in the media. Wheels of Justice calls upon all road users, regardless if they drive vehicles, ride bicycles or walk, to use the road environment with shared awareness and respect with each other.

    Wheels of Justice also call upon all road users to contact both Anita Quigley and the Daily Telegraph to make an immediate retraction of her remarks and apologise in full.

    Please contact the Daily Telegraph via the details supplied below, to demand a retraction and apology, on behalf of ALL who share Australia's roads.

    The Daily Telegraph
    Postal Address: 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
    T: (02) 9288-3000.
    F: (02) 9288-2300
    E: [email protected]

    Letter to the Editor:

    If you have contacted the Daily Telegraph and not received a satisfactory response within 60 days of the complaint, please read the "Guidelines on complaints procedure" from the Australian Press Council for further advice:

    Guidelines on complaints procedure

    Please feel free to pass on this information.

    Wheels of Justice
    Education :: Enforcement :: Accountability

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    hear! hear!
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    Well I have added my to bits on the feedback section. The COW is getting hammered and so she should. To every joke there is an element of truth so therefore she must of atleast have thought about doing it at least once.

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    Is anyone surprised? Cyclists in Australia are an intensely disliked breed.
    And are we surprised with such comments from Rupert Murdoch's right wing tabloid? Fact is, that rag, and just about every other Australian media outlet hates cyclists with a passion. People who drive cars would prefer us not to exist....that's blatantly obvious to anyone who rides on the road. As cars get driven faster and drivers more impatient, things will not improve until the oil runs out. Then we can have the last laugh!